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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we also learned about an unusual @ñ@ñ@ñt omar mateen made at a @ñ@ñ@ñop several weeks before @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñck. mateen wanted to buy 1,000
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rounds of ammunition. he said the shooter then requested a specific high-grade body armor used by police. the owner said that set off a red flag, so he refused to sell the ammo to mateen. >> president obama is renewing his push for gun law reforms after meeting privately yesterday with relatives of the orlando massacre victims. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents, and they asked why does this keep happening. >> vice president joe biden joined the president in visiting a memorial to the victims in orlando. >> philadelphia city council is paying tribute to a local victim of the terror in orlando. yesterday, several members presented a resolution honoring akyra murray. at 18, she's the youngest victim of the mass shooting. murray graduated from west catholic prep a week before the massacre. she was in orlando at pulse nightclub with two friends. they were shot but survived.
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drivers headed south or i should say through south philadelphia may notice a sign showing support for the victims of the orlando shooting. sky force 10 found this billboard on the northbound side of i-95 near front street. it says heal our orlando. highlighting the words heal our land. >> changing gears. a memorial service for christina grimmie will begin in a matter of hours. the rising musician was killed in orlando friday night, a week ago. nbc10's south jersey bureau reporter is live for us in medford where the service will take place. good morning. >> as you might imagine, this community here in medford in south jersey really feeling the impact of this loss of christina grimmie. we're in touch with the pastor here at fellowship alliance as well as police who tell us the sheer volume of mourners this afternoon will be impressive. of course, it will be a heartfelt and emotional memorial
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service. we're told several thousand people are anticipated to come pay their respects to the rising superstar. grimmie is a cherokee graduate who initially wowed fans as a teenager. she had millions of followers on youtube before competing and placed third on nbc's "the voice" on team adam. levine shocked and saddened by the death has offered to pay her funeral expenses. it was one week ago today that the 2-year-old invited her fans by means of twitter to come see her show, to see her sing at orlando's club. a matter of hours later, immediately following the performance, she was shot and killed during a fan meet and greet. grimmie's brother tackled the gunman who then took his own life. marcus grimmie felt the love and support --
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is expected to be here. i'm in touch with her cousin. i'll be speaking to him by phone shortly. police are also in touch with the church, as well as grimmie's talent management company. we asked them if anyone of celebrity stature or superstars would be in attendance. at this point, they're not told that anyone of the celebrity status would attend. although traffic will be busy out here this afternoon. keep that in mind. we're live in medford. i'm cydney long. nbc10 news. >> thanks for that update. new this morning, someone has been breaking into homes in one montgomery county community while people in those homes are sleeping. abington police say a would-be burglar tried to sneak into a home in the jenkintown cension of the township early this morning. the intruder apparently got scared off when the homeowner heard a noise and started shouting. there were three other
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burglaries early this morning. in all three cases, the thief got in through unlocked ground level windows. a man is under arrest after a hit and run injured two teenagers in philadelphia. police say this car hit two 16-year-olds riding the same briek on broad street near wallace around 2:00 this morning. one teen is listed in critical condition, fighting for his life. the other has less severe injuries. police caught up to the car, thanks to a witness description. they believe the driver was drunk. now to new developments concerning jury deliberations in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. this morning, the judge in the case removed one of the jurors and replaced that person with an alternate. we're not sure why the juror was replaced. the judge told the jury it needs to restart its deliberations and that judge reread jury instructions for them earlier this morning. fattah is accused of taking an illegal $1 million loan to fund
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his failed may oral bid from 2007. he says he's innocent. prosecutors claim the other four defendants in the case hid the loan by allegedly laundering money through charitable grants through private companies. you can stay on top of the jury deliberations in fattah's trial on air and on the nbc10 app. we'll let you know the moment jurors reach a decision. >> well, it's about six minutes after 11:00 on this friday. if you're headed to the jersey shore, expect improving conditions. here's a live look outside now at cape may. a vast improvement, i'll say, from this time yesterday. nbc10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast for today and the father's day weekend. >> the rain has moved out, and there's no sign of any rain right now. we'll keep an eye on the sky. clouds are building up in theçio 9ñ a slight chance we'll see a spotty shower this afternoon. 77 now. 77 degrees at 2:00.
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just a little cooler at 5:00 today. we have enough sunshine to warm in the 80s for philadelphia. 76 degrees right now with an easterly wind at 8 miles per hour. 80s this afternoon for philadelphia and the suburbs. for delaware, 83 degrees. we start off with rain in delaware and cape may. cape may has dried out nicely. still a few clouds moving through northern delaware, new castle county. you can see they extend into salem, gloucester, camden, and burlington as well. those clouds are on the move. this is drier air pushing into the area. even though the humidity was high, it will be dropping during the day. we will be watching to the north. there's still some scattered clouds up here. these are the clouds that could give us an isolated shower this afternoon. i'll take you through the futurecast hour by hour to show you when that chance will be with us. and have a look at the father's day weekend forecast just ahead. >> bill, we'll see you then. thanks. >> if you had plans to go to the jersey shore, here's a warning before you swim in some of the waterways there. a man swimming in the back bays
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of ocean port monmorth county last week got stung by a clinging jellyfish. the sting can lead to serious medical problems, including kidney failure. this species of jellyfish usually hangs on to seaweed and surfaces at night to feed. its the size of a dime so really hard to see. here's how it can feel if you're stung. >> every muscle felt like it had a knife in it. i couldn't even lay down. i would have to walk around and kind of -- i was like punching at the walls. >> clinging jellyfish are native to the pacific ocean. officials believe they hopped a ride to the east coast by clinging to ships. >> all right, 11:08 now, and time for a check on the roads. it's friday, so i would venture to say some people are getting ready to wrap up their work day early and possibly head to the shore. traffic reporter jessica boyington is here. is that what you're seeing? >> not a lot of shore traffic yet, but if you want to go down the shore, that's a good idea
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because we don't have a lot of delays that way. some delays through center city, but way lighter than we normally see. this is our camera around the vine street expressway. shaky cam action, but right around 24th street through center city, over on the westbound side, we have disabled vehicles on the shoulder. some delays there when you move through. also checking the area bridges. seeing construction over the walt whitman bridge causing delays. lanes closed heading in and out of philadelphia, and an accident in upper moreland on eastland road and moreland road, and checking out more construction. this has been a big nuisance this whole week. so back into new jersey between baird boulevard and airport circle has two right lanes closed. big backups off the ben franklin bridge. >> local transgender students and their supporters are celebrating a victory. last night, the philadelphia school reform commission approved new guidelines, one of them allows students to access locker rooms and bathrooms that match their gender identity. students may also dress
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according to that identity. the new guidelines go into effect immediately. 11:10 now, and more than 6,000 casino workers in atlantic city are threatening to go on strike at five of the city's eight casinos. if they can't reach a contract by july 1st. members of local 54 of the unite here union voted to authorize a strike against caesar's, bally's, harrah's, and tropicana. the union says workers main painful concessions that should now be reversed because atlantic city casinos are doing better. the casinos say they're committed to finding a fair contract that works for both sides. today, lottery machines will likely be humming across our region and across the country, really, ahead of tonight's $310 million mega millions drawing. that's the largest mega millions jackpot so far this year. the top prize soared above $300
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million mark after nobody won tuesday's drawing. the cash option would pay out $211 million. mega millions is played in 44 states, including pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. remembering the victims of another deadly mass shooting one year later. security is tight in charleston this morning, as that south carolina city remembers nine people killed during a church bible study last june. also coming up, a scare on stage for the singer meat loaf. this video you saw shows the rocker collapsing late last night. we'll have an update on his condition straight ahead. well, it is starting to clear up nicely. we have a few high clouds in wilmington. the temperatures headed for the 80s this afternoon. a few changes ahead for the weekend. i have your weekend forecast for
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father's day just ahead. to grow up. but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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in decision 2016 while president obama was in orlando yesterday, back on capitol hill, republican senator john mccain was stirring controversy, saying the president's actions led directly to the nightclub attack. hallie jackson reports that senate democrats have wasted no time going after mccain, trying to link him to donald trump. >> people say i'm not going to
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say who i'm voting for. don't be embarrassed. >> defiant in dallas, donald trump insisting he's the gay community's best ally, even after new protests against him. >> you tell me, who is better for the gay community and who is better for women than donald trump? >> hillary clinton quickly responding, tweeting simply, hi. trump also rejecting critics who say he's unqualified on foreign policy. >> i haven't been exactly studying nato all my life, but i have lot of common sense. >> democrats fighting back, trying to paint gop lawmakers as trump's puppets, pointing to republicans' rhetoric like controversial comments from john mccain. effectively blaming president obama for the orlando shooting. >> barack obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of iraq, al qaeda went to syria, became isis. >> it only took about an hour for mccain to walk it back. >> he bears responsibility. >> i want to be clear, are you
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back tracking. >> i'm not back tracking on anything. >> mccain in a tough re-election fight of his own, has said he'll back his party's nominee in november, but new this morning, house speaker paul ryan says not all republicans have to support trump. telling chuck todd, they should vote their conscience. >> this is a very strange situation. it's a very unique nominee. but i feel as a responsibility institutionally as the speaker of the house, that i should not be wreaking havoc in the middle of our party. >> ryan with his own message to trump. >> please be quiet, don't talk. please be quiet. republicans, either stick together or let me do it by myself. >> you can't make this up sometimes. i'll just say we represent a separate but equal branch of government. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. you can see more of chuck todd's interview with speaker ryan on "meet the press" this sunday right here on nbc10.
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>> some scary moments for him and fans. singer meat loaf is recovering pretty well after he collapsed during a concert in canada last night. his spokesperson said the singer should be home soon. meat loaf, whose real name is marvin, is 68 years old. he cancelled a concert in calgary earlier this week due to illness. a massive wildfire continues to burn near albuquerque, new mexico. high winds have caused the blaze to grow to more than 25 square miles. new mexico's governor has activated the national guard to help battle the flames. there are no reports of any injuries so far. several buildings, though, have been destroyed and small communities have already been evacuated. >> crews in florida had their hands full this morning battling a warehouse fire. a pretty big one. the fire began just before 5:00 a.m., and spread to two nearby buildings in sarasota.
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it's not clear if anyone was inside the buildings or how the fire started at this time. smoke from the fire is affecting visibility on a nearby highway. >> nice and sunny right now. temperatures are warming up, real turn around from yesterday when the clouds were hanging in all day long. a little bit of a breeze is blowing, coming out of the northeast. we may see a brief shower this afternoon, but at the shore, we start off with rain in north wildwood when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. now it's sunshine and no more showers at the shore through the weekend. gradually clearing skies is what we're enjoying right now. that's leading to a pretty good warmup. yesterday afternoon, we just warmed to 70 degrees. we'll be in the 80s today, and sunshine and 80s this weekend. with the humidity staying low. which means near perfect weather for father's day. sunny skies, low humidity.
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80s for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley. cooler at the shore, yes, 76 degrees. but interior new jersey, the sunshine will warm up to 83 degrees and partly to mostly sunny skies for delaware. so looking good for the weekend. but today, going to keep an eye on the satellite and the radar. the showers we started off with today have already moved just south of delaware. but to the north, there's a possibility we'll see some pop-up showers, just a slight chance of this happening by 2:30 this afternoon in our area. most of the activity will be north and west of philadelphia, if it does happen, no guarantee we'll see it. we'll get brief showers posable into the late afternoon and evening hours. no reve rainfall. if we get a shower or two, they will not last very long. so stand by for a pretty nice one today. look at the temperatures this afternoon with sunshine, 82 for university city in chestnut hill, doylestown, 79. lehigh valley into the 80s with
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sunny skies. a slight chance of an afternoon shower in those locations but it should stay dry for new jersey. 77 in vineland. atlantic city enjoying sunshine and showers from wildwood have moved out completely. 73 degrees. an isolated shower is possible in dover and lewis. it gets less likely as we go into the day. 83 this afternoon. warmer this weekend, but the humidity stays low for both saturday and sunday. 86 the high temperature on sunday. last day of spring is monday. monday evening at 6:34. summer arrives and it's going to feel like it on tuesday. along with sunshine, we'll get some humidity and that could lead to a summer thunderstorm on tuesday. by wednesday, thursday, and friday, we're drying out. and it's looking good next weekend with high temperatures in the 80s. katy. >> thanks. still ahead on nbc10 news at 11:00, new information on the zika virus and the number of
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pregnant women who have contracted the virus so far. we'll tell you why experts say there are growing concerns zika carrying mosquitoes could soon arrive on u.s. soil.
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welcome back. about 20 minutes after 11:00. juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the united states. dating all the way back to june 19th of 1865. and this saturday, there will be
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an inaugural juneteenth parade and festival in philadelphia. here to tell us more is rahim islam from the philadelphia community of leaders cultural community. thank you for being here. we were talking a little bit just before we came back from break. tell us about the significant of juneteenth in american history. >> i think this is a very important thing that took place in this country. i think for the african-american community, it points to a significance to never forget about it. and not only will it never happen again, but never forget because it's really important to the foundation of the black culture. even today. many of the things we do today are from that period. and they linger on from one generation to another generation. >> can you elaborate on some of those? >> sure. the struggle. our struggle. our sense of fight, our sense of unity, our sense of purpose. it's always been surviving and coming from that turbulent
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experience. that experience didn't happen tent years or 20 years, over 300 years. in our dna is this concept of wanting to fight and struggle and prevail. and i think that's something we have to kind of harness today because there are a number of different ways so pointing to that period of our ancestors will help us today. >> so tell us a little bit about the parade and festival. festival sounds very festive, but is it going to be somber at times because this is such a weighty thing? >> well, it's twofold. sure, i think we want to have fun. we want to institutionize it, so that it creates pride. everybody likes to have fun. children like to have fun. they might not understand exactly what's going on or what's going on and what they're learning, but they actually are learning about the history through this whole process. >> and it sparks conversations at home. >> exactly. it sparks conversations
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everywhere. that's the purpose of it. but it points to a day that we can actually celebrate the end of it, but actually have fun and enjoy ourselves. but also pay tribute to the importance and significance of this period and the significance of this event, and put it in our lives today. >> great. rahim, thank you so much for joining us. i'm going to give the viewers a quick recap of how they can get involved. the juneteenth parade begins tomorrow at 8:30 at washington square in center city, philadelphia. and will end at the african-american museum with several events in store. for more information, you head to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. again, rahim islam, thanks so much for joining us and good luck this weekend. >> thank you for having us. >> absolutely. >> coming up next, sign of the times. the steps disney world is taking following the death of a toddler who was attacked add an upscale resort there. >> a life cut far too short. we'll tell you about the
11:27 am
preparations under way right now as family, friends, and fans come out to remember jersey native christina grimmie who was murdered a week ago today.
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it is a great way to end the work week and begin the weekend, especially father's day weekend. sunny and pleasant. look outside as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge right now. it is going to get even better, according to meteorologist bill henley. he has our friday and weekend forecast. hi, bill. >> you have to like the timing, with the rain yesterday and the clouds moving out just in time as we're heading to the weekend. still some clouds around. lots of high, thin clouds, filtered sunshine in philadelphia. that's allowing the temperature to warm up nicely. well above yesterday's levels. 79 degrees in chestnut hill. 78 in society hill.
11:31 am
fox chase at 80 degrees. at the airport, 76 degrees. that's six degrees warmer than it got all day yesterday. wildwood, plenty of sunshine there, too. we'll see sunshine not only today but it stays for the weekend, with temperatures in the 70s this weekend at the shore. most of the rest of the area is headed for the 80s. today, low 80s, except the shore, 75 degrees. tomorrow, saturday, 84 degrees in philadelphia. low 80s for the lehigh valley, and for new jersey, look at delaware with sunshine, and there's your father's day, 86 degrees in philadelphia. 83 in new jersey, and 76 at the shore. looking good with partly to mostly sunny skies for dad in delaware. that's the weekend. there is some warmer weather ahead. summer is about to come our way. i'll have a look at the ten-day outlook coming up. >> we'll see you then. >> new today, disney world says it has now decided to add additional warning signs following the death of a toddler. as we hear more stories of
11:32 am
alligators at the iconic theme park. disney will not specify how many sign they'll install or when they'll go up, but gabe gutierrez has more. >> this morning, disney world says it's going to beef up its warning signs following the horrifying death of 2-year-old lane graves. a prayer service in his nebraska hometown, his family saying words cannot describe the shock and grief. we are devastated. the last gator related injury at disney world was 30 years ago. today, paul still carries the scars. >> it grabbed my leg and started to thrash me around side to side and then tried to start pulling me backwards into the water. >> last year, david from san diego says two alligators chased his son at disney's resort. >> i'm not from florida. i don't know there's zillions of gators everywhere. >> we found a variety of signs near beaches warning parkgoers
11:33 am
not to swim, but no reference to alligators. other signs did warn guests not to feed the wildlife, but we only found one near a swamp that mentioned alligators. in a written statement, disney says we have closed all our beaches and made a decision to add signage and we're also conducting a swift and thorough review of all of our processes and protocols. this woman and her husband patrick live mere the park. she's photographed plenty of gators there as a travel blogger. >> if there's water in florida, there's a gator. >> they defend disney, calling this a tragic accident. but it's clearly struck a nerve with parents across the country. >> the minute that i heard they couldn't find him, and that poor father, trying to pull that child out of an alligator's mouth. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. well, a memorial service for christina grimmie will happen in just a few hours from now. the rising musician and marlton
11:34 am
native was killed in orlando a week ago today. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live for us in medford where the service will take place. >> hi, katy. i can tell you flower deliveries are happening here at the chapel as we speak. people in this community of medford where she attended high school across the state of new jersey and the entire country have been impacted and we're told by police that several thousand will come for grimmie's good-bye service here this afternoon. grimmie is a cherokee high school graduate who initially wowed fans with millions of followers on youtube because of her beautiful voice. that was beforeptícompeting and placing third on nbc's "the voice" on team adam. now, it was one week ago today that the 22-year-old invited her fans by means of twitter to come see her show at orlando's plaza live, and she was no stranger to social media, often engaging one-on-one with her fans. in a matter of hours, though, later friday night, immediately
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following her performance, she was shot and killed by gunman kevin james loibal in a fan meet and greet. grimmie's brother tackled the gunman, who turned the gun on himself, taking his own life. on monday night, marcus thanks mourners at a vigil for his sister and asked them to pray for the victims of the orlando nightclub massacre. >> i have five people fly out, bought them plane tickets. adam levine paid for christina's funeral. her favorite band, selena crying. these people didn't have that. i'm blessed. she's in a better place. >> now, grimmie's viewing will be held here this afternoon between the hours of 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. you can see it's a large chapel here at fellowship alliance. then her memorial service is to begin at 8:00 tonight. police tell me they have been in chur touch with the church.
11:36 am
they have also been in touch with grimmie's talent management company. they're asking motorists and mourners to exercise caution this afternoon. there are several high school graduations that are also being held, so the roads here, church road through marlton, through medford, is expected to be busy. they're asking people to exercise some patience. we're live in medford, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> thank you. well, today is a somber day for charleston, south carolina. it's the one-year anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at the city's historic emanuel ame church. chris pallone shows us how the people of charleston are marking the day. >> it was one year ago that a gunman opened fire in a bible study at emanuel ame church, killing nine. >> that is why i'm here today. to disarm hate. >> sharon lost her mother and two cousins in the attack. >> the pain of knowing my mother and cousins were kill ed in a
11:37 am
racially-motivated hate crime is something that i carry with me every day. >> she says she couldn't watch coverage of this week's massacre in orlando. >> knowing that families were getting ready to feel the same kind of pain. >> lawmakers ended a 15-year battle by removing the confederate battleground from the state capitol ground. a sign of oppression dylann roof embraced. many of the victim's families said they forgave him. a gesture filled with grace that inspired the community. >> i know from the depth of my soul that things are going to get better. >> chris pallone, nbc news. >> the tragedies in charleston and orlando are leading pennsylvania senator bob casey to campaign for gun reform in west philadelphia today. he'll join black clergy in calling for passage of his new bill to stop hate crime
11:38 am
violators from purchasing weapons. casey and the ministers will speak out at first district plaza this afternoon at 1:00. a congressman from new jersey is also calling for increased gun safety. representative donald norcross spoke at the victims of terrorism memorial in camden county, just a short time ago. he was joined by members of law enforcement, the million mom march new jersey group, and the lgbt community. norcross is calling for a ban on assault weapons in the aftermath of the orlando massacre. he's also renewing the push for those on the terror watch list to not be allowed to purchase guns. >> this morning, police in phoenix, arizona, are still trying to find a group of people who set off fireworks inside a walmart store. take a look. investigators believe three or four people lit the fireworks wednesday night and that began a fire inside the store. the store had to be evacuated.
11:39 am
employees were able to extinguish the flames before they spread to even more disp y displays of charcoal, lighter fluid, and propane, which could have been a much worse situation. the store has extensive water and smoke damage, but no one was hurt. a shopper and two store managers face assault charges in new york city after a fight broke out over a hoverboard. chaos erupted at a grocery store in brooklyn after store employees tried to get a woman's nephew to stop riding his hoverboard in the store. in the scuffle, police say one manager threw a peach at a woman, and another tackled her to the ground. the woman's father threw punches as he rushed in to defend his daughter, saying it wasn't a peach but a coke can that hit her face. the father also denied yelling racial threats during the brawl. >> i might have said a couple of words out of anger, but nothing
11:40 am
i would actually physically do. i would never harm anyone. >> community activists say the store managers never knew anything and were wrongly arrested. officials with the store would not comment on the fight that you just saw. plans to raise the height of the fence around the white house have cleared a critical hurdle. the u.s. commission of fine arts approved the plan to nearly double the height of the fence. the current metal fence is six feet tall. the new design will have a height of 11'7". the move follows recent security breaches at the white house. the fence design now must be reviewed by the national capitol planning commission. >> a philadelphia radio host is raising money for local veterans today. >> 102.9, it is the tenth annual veterans radio-thon. >> they were at the constitutional center where john is holding his annual veterans radio-thon. he has been broadcasting from there since 6:00 this morning,
11:41 am
and he'll finish at 6:00 tonight. he's encouraging listeners to make donations and proceeds raised during the event will go to the veterans multiservice center of philadelphia. if you have been thinking about adding a feline to your family, now is the time to do it, or at least consider it more. these cute and cuddly cats are up for adoption, and they have a lot of furry friends looking for good homes, too. we'll tell you about a big push in the area under way right now to get these kitties a new place to live. >> fur friendly weather. nice and comfortable as the sun has come through the clouds. the humidity has been dropping. dry air is moving in just in time for the weekend. a great looking weekend, but summer is right around the corner. i have your ten-day outlook coming up.
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welcome back. about 11:45. and breaking news out of the sports world. the nba today fines league mvp steph curry for an incident during last night's game six of the finals. the warriors guard was ordered to pay $25,000 for throwing his mouthpiece into the stands in cleveland after fouling out of the game in the fourth quarter. the league also fined warriors coach steve kerr for criticizing the officials. the cleveland cavaliers beat the warriors 115-101 to force a defensive game seven. a decisive, i should say, game
11:45 am
seven in oakland sunday. defensive for one of them, right? >> there are new numbers to report on the zika virus and the number of women in the country who have given birth to babies with severe deformities. all of the cases so far involve women who contracted the zika virus while they were out of the country. tom costello reports. >> this morning, the latest numbers from the cdc suggest three babies have been born in the u.s. with birth defects linked to the zika virus. another three babies lost to miscarriage or abortion. in all, 234 pregnant women in the u.s., both residents and visitors, have been diagnosed with zika. another 189 cases reported in u.s. territories, mostly puerto rico. now, with summer heating up, concern that zika carrying mosquitoes could arrive on the u.s. mainland. >> i'm very worried that areas of extreme poverty and poor neighborhoods in u.s. gulf coast cities such as houston, new
11:46 am
orleans. >> across the gulf, especially down in florida. >> university of maryland bug expert michael says around your home, dump the standing water. all of it. >> bird baths, flower pots, buckets of water. those are going to be the perfect breeding sites for these mosquitoes. >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. >> the very first wawa store has a new location and a new building in delaware county. nbc10 was at the grand opening of the new wawa at mcdade boulevard and route 420 this morning. it's just blocks away from where that first wawa opened 50 years ago. people who shopped at the original store were invited to take a look at the new one. the store also held a hoagie building competition. that sounds like fun. the competitors were from the fulsome fire company and the police department. we don't know yet who won that. well, june is national adopt a cat month, and every year,
11:47 am
about 3.5 million cats enter animal shelters nationwide. and sadly, only about 40% are adopted. so now is really the perfect time to add a new member to your family. and justina is joining us along with tyler along from providence animal shelter from the media area, right? >> right. >> you're here to tell us about specials and encouraging ways you're trying to get people to adopt these adorable kitties. >> this is dana. >> this is butch. >> dana is a girl, about a year old. >> right. >> butch about 2. >> 2 or 3. >> so dana was suvendored to our shelter. her owner couldn't keep her anymore. a lot of times it's expensive. that's why we have low-cost vet services. we know she's going to find a great home soon. >> what are some of the incentives offered now during adopt a cat month. >> we have a low-cost adoption fee for cats. $25. so a lot of times the expenses
11:48 am
can be prohibitive to a potential adopter, so that's one way we make it accessible. >> that includes spay, nueuter, vaccination, and microchip. >> once you take the animal home, you're free and clear until you take him to the local vet. >> ready to be your pet. they're used to having their own home environment instead of being somewhere they don't know. they really acclimate very well to new homes. especially because they have been in a shelter which can be stressful. >> absolutely. do you find the summer months, what we're going into, it's more crowded for the shelter and you get more animals? >> it's always crowded in summer months everywhere. we're in the benefit to be a life-saving shelter. we rescue from overcrowded shelters, but everybody is feeling the heat. we have a very long waiting list of people looking to surrender their pets. that's why we need more adoptions, so more lives can be saved. >> great. thank you so much. justina and tyler, thank you. and kitties, you did great. i thought you would be all over the place right now. bill henley says we should have
11:49 am
a mouse for you so people can see what you can really do. >> just chilling. >> they're good. >> to get details on the adoption special right now, you can head to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. and again, thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> you guys are invited back any time, but we hope you get adopted. >> nbc10 as a reminder is proud to clear the shelters every year across pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. and you can help thousands of animals find forever homes on july 23rd. >> heading out right now, we have pretty nice weather. it's warming up nicely. combination of sunshine and clouds and humidity that is falling, and that's going to make for a mostly clear and comfortable evening. if you're heading out, temperatures dropping into the 70s and 60s. right now, warming up. look at the upper 70s and 80
11:50 am
degrees in whitehall township. seeing a good warmup in delaware. harmony hills is 80. if you're going to the concert in dover, excellent weather. 75 degrees right now. near 80 this afternoon. still a few clouds moving through, and another batch to the north that could give us a brief shower this afternoon. once those move through, then we're shower-free as we head into the weekend. the chance of some isolated showers, that's 6:00 this evening. it really doesn't look very impressive. i wouldn't be surprised if we stay completely dry during the day today. then we're in for beautiful weather over the weekend. brigantine, sunshine, 70s for tomorrow and again on sunday. heading to wildwood, nothing but sunshine with afternoon temperatures in the middle 70s. a few extra clouds, but no sign of showers on sunday. cape may is nice and sunny as well with temperatures in the 70s for tomorrow and again on sunday. inland, it's going to be warmer. 80s for today, tomorrow, and
11:51 am
sunday. but the low humidity that's coming in to the area today is going to stay with us tomorrow and sunday. monday, you'll feel the heat and some humidity starts moving back in monday, but it really arrives on tuesday. a one day warmup to 90 degrees and then back in the 80s for wednesday. sunshine, cooler on thursday and friday. then we're warming back up next weekend, in fact, look at the two weekends together. lots of sunshine for both of them. a real winner. especially nice for father's day. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. just a few minutes before noon, and take a look at this sensational fan grab from last night's phillies game. a father with his daughter asleep on his chest reaches up and snags the foul ball with just one hand. he didn't even drop the food he was holding or even startle his daughter. he later said having played ball for 30 years helped to make the catch look easy. unfortunately, the phillies were not so lucky. they suffered one of their worst losses of the season so far, getting hammered by the toronto blue jays. the final score, 11-3. nbc10 and nbcuniversal want
11:55 am
to reward people making a difference in the community. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits. it's called 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is right on our website, the deadline to apply is august 26th. all right, first alert meteorologist bill henley is here. >> looking good outside. >> looking good outside, right? i know. take it away, bill. >> friday, a winner. today, we have sunshine, a few clouds. i'm going to keep an eye on the sky this afternoon. there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower. most areas however stay dry. the temperatures, 76 degrees in philadelphia. upper 70s already in the lehigh valley and delaware. warming into the 80s this afternoon. partly sunny skies. still some clouds, even into this afternoon and then they clear out tonight. we watched the rain first thing this morning in cape may and in delaware. central delaware and southern delaware have already cleared out nicely. now just a few scattered clouds, and those clouds, well, they
11:56 am
should be in and out. mainly out this weekend. 76 degrees tomorrow, if you're heading to the pocono mountains. 78 degrees on sunday. another look at the weekend forecast for each part of our area. 80s today, except the shore. shore will be in the 70s right on through the weekend. saturday, low humidity, 84 degrees in philadelphia. partly to mostly sunny skies in the lehigh valley, 80 in delaware. look at sunday for father's day. a little warmer, but the humidity will stay low on sunday. this is our last spring weekend. >> that's right. >> summer officially begins monday evening at 6:34. >> you know why i don't like that? because the days get shorter. >> that's true. >> right? >> for now, they're getting longer. monday -- >> then summer solstice, all downhill. >> we get a buffer zone. there's a period where we still enjoy long days. >> i'm glass half empty. >> later, dark as can be. >> imagine that, bill.
11:57 am
all right, for bill and all of us here at nbc10 thank you so much for watching. have a great day. get outside, enjoy it.
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